A revolution in the fight against head injuries.

The Vector MouthGuard: A revolution in the fight against head injuries.

We’re tackling the growing epidemic of undiagnosed Sports Brain Injuries head on. The revolutionary Vector MouthGuard gives sideline personnel the ability to accurately measure the location and level of any given hit, and to establish an athlete’s history of exposure and injury.

At its core, our state-of-the-art mouthguard is transmitting real-time information allowing real-time decisions about a player's ability to continue on the field. It’s the first solution to be inside the player’s head to protect them from the inside out.



Hit Detection

i1 Biometrics' ESP Technology utilizes embedded microscopic technologies that accurately measure the hits and accelerations a player's brain experiences during play.

Data Transmission

Data is transmitted in real-time to a laptop at the sideline and is stored on a secure internet database.

Notifications & Alerts

Sideline personnel can view alerts and notifications about a player’s head with a mobile notification device or computer from the sideline. The system provides tools that help assess an athlete’s status to return to play or establish recovery protocols.


250 thousand concussions in high school football each year.