i1 Biometrics Intelligence. The ground-breaking tool to understanding impacts in Sports.

i1 Biometrics is proud to introduce the Impact Intelligence™ System. The Vector Mouthguard, featuring proprietary ESP™ Chip Technology, is revolutionary in its ability to gather and disseminate highly-accurate intracranial impact data, providing objective information in real-time.


The i1 Biometrics Impact Technology

The innovative new i1 Biometrics Impact Intelligence System is a complete solution to the growing epidemic of undiagnosed Sports Brain Injuries. We can measure the location and level of each hit an athlete has absorbed and we can create a real-time assessment of the athlete’s exposure to impacts sustained on the field.

i1 Biometrics scientists have pioneered a proprietary collection of advanced accelerometer and gyroscope technology embedded on a microscopic circuit board within each one of our innovative mouthguards.

System Features

  • Impact sensing mouthguards to outfit entire team
  • Sideline assessment application
  • Real-time wireless base station
  • Customizable software package
  • Mobile Notification Device
  • Mouthguard charging stations
  • Field kit case


  • Quantitative and accurate real-time impact information
  • Athlete information can be stored and monitored over entire athletic career
  • Impact alerts wirelessly sent to sideline personnel
  • Suite of tools supporting athlete assessment in bench vs. play decisions, recovery and safe return-to-play protocols

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250 thousand concussions in high school football each year.